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Sleep Apnea Car Accidents – How to Prevent Them

Sleepiness, is one cause along with speeding, alcoholism, careless driving, and rainy weather conditions, that leads to or results in motor vehicle accidents. According to a recent study sleep apnea car accidents have appeared to be significant risk factor.


Sleepiness while driving can culminate into motor vehicle accidents, and as a matter of fact, more sleep-related accidents lead to casualties in comparison to the other major causes of accidents, e.g. speeding, bad weather etc. In a recent research study, it was seen that in forty-thousand out of one-hundred thousand car crashes that had resulted from sleepiness while driving or sleep apnea, victims sustained severe injuries. The point to be noted here is that not all such sleep apnea car accidents occur due to the drivers falling asleep at the wheel, as a majority of these resulted from lack of concentration on road conditions. Delayed reaction timing and lack of enough sleep are two factors that will cause many such accidents.

If sleep apnea goes unattended various accompanying health issues develop too e.g. hypertension, or some other cardiac ailment. Even if the sleep apnea is not affecting the driving, it should be immediately attended to once its symptoms become prominent. Care must be taken that a patient of sleep apnea or some other disturbed sleep pattern problem should not be allowed to drive, as a preemptive measure lest an accident may ensue.

Sleep apnea is not incurable; effective treatment methods can help treat this problem without having to undergo a surgical procedure. For instance, among such treatment choices are customized oral appliances that can cure mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Use of oral appliances is easier than common CPAP mask treatment. The appliance can be worn while you sleep which gives an airway passage to air through lifting your lower jaw a bit anteriorly, which causes the musculature and tissues of the upper airway to become taut, thus averting apnea caused by obstruction to airflow.

While sleep apnea car accidents might be frightening, but the treatment should not. If you or a loved one is inflicted with this health issue, you should go for effective treatment options as soon as possible, to provide an improved quality of life following the treatment. If you are interested you can contact us via email or our website for an immediate consultation call us to schedule your appointment.

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