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Sleep Apnea – A Better Solution Than CPAP

Sharing a room with a person who snores is a nightmare. Typically snoring is caused when the airway in the rear of the throat is partially blocked. When a snoring person stops breathing and then starts to gasp for breath, it is an indication of ‘apnea’. This sleep apnea is not just irritating, but it may be life threatening.

Most people can suffer from sleep apnea and kids are also quite prone to this condition. With age the issue becomes worse. Obstructive sleep apnea makes a person more prone to cardiac arrest, diabetes and hypertension. It also lowers the life expectancy by a couple of decades. People suffering from sleep apnea may feel lethargic, drowsy and tired throughout the day. It also leads to severe pain and heaviness in the head, migraine and depression. Patients also tend to grind their teeth. It also has an adverse effect on their cognitive ability which begins to deteriorate and hence this is a very serious issue.

However, you can control sleep apnea by using pressurized breathing machines known as CPAP or bi-PAP. This machine uses a compressor, humidifier, hose and a mask to allow the air, even when there is pressure. This does not let the airway collapse. This machine has proved to be quite helpful in controlling snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. However, there are various reasons why people do not like using this machine. People often find it quite inconvenient and uncomfortable, they feel that it is too noisy or at times they feel claustrophobic while using it. Some people do not use it for fear of social mockery.

However, there is an alternative therapy to CPAP which has shown equally positive results. An expert dentist will give you a custom oral airway dilator which you can use while sleeping. This device resembles orthodontic retainers and can snugly fit into your teeth if you just move your lower jaw forward a bit or put a little pressure on your tongue to position it properly.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine really appreciates this concept and suggests that it is useful for people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This therapy can also be used by people who are not comfortable using CPAP.

If you wish to get a perfect fit and ensure that it is used effectively then you should get a clear evaluation and examination of your mouth as well as airway. You should also find out the condition of your jaw joints. Even medical insurance covers this therapy.

You are entitled to sound sleep and leading a healthier and fitter life. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your life by ignoring sleep apnea. If you or your near and dear ones suffer from this disorder then you should call and make an appointment for a free evaluation. You will be surprised at how uncomplicated this procedure is.

Patients with loud snoring and/or symptoms of sleep apnea should contact Dr. Reed at (720) 504-3633 to schedule a consultation.

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